Relief for SA as Zuma finally resigns…now let’s get to work fixing his mess

February 15, 2018
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After 3204 days, South Africa finally saw the back of Jacob Zuma. Whilst this has come as an enormous relief for most, our celebrations will be short-lived as the reality of his corrupt legacy sinks in. Zuma has undoubtedly been our worst president since the dawn of democracy and the damage he has presided over.. read more →

The Future of Higher Education in SA

May 15, 2017
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Higher education is important for growing South Africa’s economic capability, but the sector is facing serious challenges, especially in relation to declining budgets. The state subsidy has declined in real terms while students are demanding more access to education. To understand the extent of the funding crisis, we hosted a CEO engagement with Sizwe Nxasana,.. read more →

City of Cape Town Restructure and Strategic Direction

May 9, 2017
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The City of Cape Town recently restructured following the adoption of the Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP)  with Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) as one of the key strategies to reverse the legacy of apartheid spatial planning, modernise government, improve service delivery and become more customer-centric. To understand the impact of this new strategic direction, we hosted.. read more →

Economically illiterate leading SA to destruction

April 17, 2017
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In one fell swoop Jacob Zuma has destroyed 14 months of collaborative effort to avoid a sovereign ratings downgrade, demonstrated that a celebrated liberation movement is now no more than a corrupt collective of self-serving criminals, and has once again brought the SA economy to its knees. The latest cabinet reshuffle was a clear indication.. read more →

Wealth tax pointless if wasteful expenditure continues

February 18, 2017
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The general consensus with respect to Minister Pravin Gordhan’s budget is that it is well balanced, professional and the best that could be done under extremely challenging circumstances. Whilst all of this is true, it remains hard not to be somewhat disappointed with the national economic trajectory. With the creation of a new marginal tax.. read more →

Unlocking SME Growth with Adrian Gore

February 7, 2017
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At our recent CEO Engagement, Unlocking SME Growth with Founder and CEO of Discovery Group, Adrian Gore, it was emphasised that the solution to SA’s economic woes and unemployment crisis is greater entrepreneurial activity. SMEs have the potential to create the jobs and prosperity South Africa desperately requires and we need to start creating an environment where.. read more →

AGM 2016: S&P’s Konrad Reuss on what SA needs to do to avoid junk status

November 3, 2016
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At our 2016 AGM, Konrad Reuss, S&P (Standard and Poor’s) MD and Regional Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, spoke to us about the factors rating agencies consider when rating a country. Having Konrad as our guest speaker this year was well-timed as the next rating announcement is due on 2 December. Highlighting S&P’s global sovereign ratings.. read more →

Business Government Collaboration to Stimulate Economic Growth

September 12, 2016
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While ratings agencies are evaluating South Africa’s investment status, numerous initiatives are underway to boost investor confidence, catalyse employment in key sectors and drive reform. Irrespective of the rating agencies’ decision, current GDP growth rates are insufficient and require stimulus and sustained action. Earlier in 2016, business, government, and labour realised the need to collaborate.. read more →

Sim Tshabalala, Standard Bank CEO: Industry Specific Plans to Stimulate Growth

September 8, 2016
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At our recent CEO Engagement, Attracting Investment to Grow the Economy, with Standard Bank CEO, Sim Tshabalala, it was emphasised that the structural reforms required for the country’s growth and prosperity are arguably more important than the ratings pronouncement in December. Irrespective of the ratings decision, current GDP growth rates require stimulus and sustained action… read more →

Probability and Potential Impact of an Investment Ratings Downgrade

May 24, 2016
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As South Africa’s economy struggles, the probability of an investment ratings downgrade is a looming prospect being aggravated by a shaky political environment. Earlier this year, ratings agency S&P, warned that a further downgrade of our investment rating is inevitable. Sighting extremely low economic growth (likely 0.6% for 2016), the bailout of state-owned enterprises, large.. read more →