Sustainability Forum: Sustainable practices provide real value – R270m for Woolworths

October 11, 2014
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Implementing sustainability practices is now creating real business value to organisations with robust programmes. The Woolworths’ Good Business Journey has ensured impressive savings of R270 million in 4 years, R222m in energy efficiency. Renewable energy prices have also fallen dramatically over the past years, and with rising electricity costs, it now makes financial sense. This is.. read more →

The Business of Energy and the Energy of Business

October 2, 2014
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South Africa is experiencing its worst energy crisis in 40 years. Eskom’s inability to guarantee energy supply is having a major impact on our economy and is estimated to be costing R50 billion in lost revenue. Eskom can’t supply more electricity. New-builds such as Medupi are behind schedule, existing generating units have not been maintained.. read more →

Sustainability Forum: Highlighting Water Security & Ecosystem Conservation

June 18, 2014
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Water stress is rapidly emerging as a key issue facing industry and investors in South Africa. Lack of water can hamper operations and development in a wide variety of industries including agri- and agri-processing sectors. How we manage our water infrastructure, and respond to the risk of increasing water stress from climate change and population.. read more →

Value of our Sustainability Forum and Cape Town’s Earth Hour City Challenge win

May 6, 2014
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Climate change is the most urgent issue affecting the planet right now. It has been described by the United Nations as the defining human development issue of our generation. With finite resources, growing populations, and rapid urbanisation, government, business and citizens need to embrace programmes to address sustainability. Since 2010, Accelerate Cape Town has been addressing.. read more →

Cape Town features in Arup & Rockefeller Foundation City Resilience Framework

May 3, 2014
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In Dec 2013, Accelerate Cape Town hosted Arup, Rockefeller Foundation and Cape Town businesses as part of the City Resilience Index Project. The first deliverable of this project is the City Resilience Framework launched in Apr 2014. The need to understand city resilience is specifically important as rapid urbanization becomes a reality bringing additional challenges.. read more →

International recognition for Cape Town with the Global Earth Hour 2014 Award

March 31, 2014
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Cape Town is once again bestowed with an award – Global Earth Hour Capital 2014! Organised by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, the Earth Hour City Challenge attracted 160 cities from 14 countries, and Cape Town was recognised for its ambition and pioneering actions to combat climate change in its effort to bolster quality.. read more →

Sustainability Forum: Highlighting key sustainable housing and community solutions through WDC 2014

February 25, 2014
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The challenges facing cities today are numerous. Rapid urbanisation is a growing reality and Cape Town has the highest rate in South Africa. This brings housing, infrastructure, social and biophysical challenges, but if we look for solutions across business, government and communities, we find tremendous energy and innovation to address the challenges. This was the.. read more →

African Cities – rapid urbanisation, emerging opportunties and challenges

February 15, 2014
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Rapid urbanization is fast becoming the key driver of economic change in Africa. It is estimated that in the next 15 years, an additional 350 million people will be living in Africa’s cities. Undoubtedly, this is now the greatest management challenge for Africa’s governments, but what role are African cities playing in these emerging economies? This was.. read more →

Global megatrends bring local opportunity

June 15, 2013
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Megatrends – long-term processes of transformation with broad scope and dramatic impact – may often seem too far removed for business leaders focused on local, medium-term activities. However, no business wanting to thrive in a rapidly changing world can afford NOT to think strategically, or to not look ‘beyond the horizon’ to understand the longer-term.. read more →