Support the WC Government Apprenticeship Game Changer

July 1, 2017
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The WC Government has identified Apprenticeships as a Game Changer in order to leverage the power of work-based learning through apprenticeships to improve people’s skills and livelihoods, in particular our youth. Their aim is to ensure sufficiently qualified technical and vocational skilled young people to supply the needs of the prioritised growth sectors in the.. read more →

The Importance of Airports to City Economies

June 29, 2017
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With the recent news that the Department of Environmental Affairs has approved the new runway realignment for Cape Town International Airport, there is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of airports to city economies. In an interview with News24, Deon Cloete (General Manager of Cape Town International Airport), explained, “We are indeed pleased to.. read more →

Tackling Youth Unemployment

June 5, 2017
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Stats SA’s recently released Q1:2017 Quarterly Labour Force Survey indicates a 14 year high of 27.7% unemployment, and youth statistics are even more alarming with 58% of our population below 35 years of age being unemployed. Given that 67% of our population are below 35, we need to start addressing employment opportunities through collaborative programmes.. read more →

HR Professionals Forum: How Leaders Build Powerful Cultures to Drive Growth

May 12, 2017
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Culture is the ‘way we do things in an organisation’ and can drive growth. Leaders understand this. The stumbling block for most leaders is how to use culture to grow their organisation. This was the key takeout presented at our HR Professionals Forum on how leaders build powerful cultures for growth. The forum discussion was.. read more →

Open Data: what government data is available?

March 17, 2017
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In an increasingly connected world, data has become the new oil. We are producing vast volumes of data, but greater insights come from mining linked data sets. For business, the question is what additional insights can be gained about customers, market and economic conditions, by having access to government data. What government sets are currently.. read more →

Corporate Cape Town launches Carpooling Pilot to ease traffic congestion

March 16, 2017
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In August last year, TomTom released its annual traffic index survey indicating that Cape Town is the most congested city in South Africa. On the list of the world’s most congested cities, Cape Town ranked 47th internationally. Current congestion levels result in a 71% increase in journey time during the morning peak period when compared.. read more →

Mentorship pilot: our business professionals support start-ups

March 16, 2017
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At our recent CEO Engagement, Unlocking SME Growth with Adrian Gore, Discovery CEO and SA SME Fund co-leader, Adrian Gore stated that South Africa’s growth and solution to the unemployment crisis will come from greater entrepreneurial activity. In South Africa, SMEs make up 91% of formalised business, provide 60% of employment of the labour force.. read more →

Millennials – Managing Mobile Millennial Workplaces

March 16, 2017
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Technology is evolving rapidly, disrupting industries and introducing new ways of working. It is impacting on business models, revolutionising business processes, and allowing businesses to make informed decisions by tracking and responding to real-time data. Employees now use multiple devices and access corporate information from remote locations, causing concerns about cybersecurity. A new breed of.. read more →

KFM – Corporate Cape Town Launches Carpooling Pilot

February 27, 2017
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In a recent interview on KFM, our CEO, Ryan Ravens, emphasised the importance of behavioural change and said that increasing congestion could dampen the growth of our city region and we need to embrace solutions that include the use of emerging technology. As part of our Transport Programme, Accelerate Cape Town, together with our members from Allan.. read more →

Cape Talk – Enterprise and Supplier Development

February 13, 2017
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Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD), a new and particularly exciting initiative for Accelerate Cape Town this year, is aimed at supporting regional entrepreneurship by providing technical training, access to finance, and access to market opportunities through corporate supply chains and procurement. Creating entrepreneurial opportunities, whilst supporting emerging enterprises with skills and finance, creates an environment.. read more →