BMGI is a consulting firm focusing on Strategy, Innovation, Operational Excellence and Change Management. Since 1999, BMGI has been providing people-driven solutions to help organizations build their problem solving capabilities, improve operations and grow their business. At BMGI we believe that your people plus our people equals “Problem Solved.” And “Problems Solved” equals success.

Your People

Effective change and improvement starts and ends with people—the human side of problem solving. Unlike large consultants that recommend or even decide your direction for you, we collaborate with you, because nobody knows your business better than you do. Your people have the knowledge, experience and customer\supplier relationships that inform your strategy.

So rather than developing strategy for you, we work with you to ensure your voice is heard, your experience is appreciated and that you ultimately own your strategy. We pride ourselves on building relationships based on trust and objectivity that truly focus on your people and what you need to grow your business.

Our People

 We are highly skilled in the application of many problem solving tools and methods while bringing years of hands-on experience applying them across a wide range of industries, geographies and organizational types. Rather than prescribing one solution for all, we partner with you to design solutions that are tailored to your business to deliver the competitive advantage you need.

Problem Solved

Together, your people and our people form a single team to address any operational strategy challenge. Our proven approach ensures that you are an active participant in solving your problems. Your people will feel a greater sense of ownership, empowerment and accountability while developing fresh, new capability to execute and sustain the change you need. Not only do you experience immediate, quantifiable results, you are also preparing your people to continue driving change long after we’re gone. We call this insourcing capability—an engrained value that’s coveted by our most


  • Consulting, facilitating, coaching, teaching
  • Strategic analysis, thinking, planning and execution
  • Business problem solving
  • Change leadership
  • Design and innovation
  • Process improvement.


  • Transforming strategies into results
  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Engaging people in change
  • Strengthening revenue growth
  • Bolstering financial performance
  • Designing new products, services and
  • business models
  • Achieving operational efficiencies.