Enterprise & Supplier Development

South Africa desperately needs jobs and economic development, but with government coming under increasing pressure to reduce its wage bill, and the corporate sector similarly pushing for greater efficiencies in a recessionary economy, the only remaining hope for job growth is the SME sector. In order to significantly grow SMEs, we need to provide them with access to market opportunities, finance, technical support, and mentorship.

Identified as a key economic driver globally, the development of SMEs is probably the most meaningful way to grow a more diverse and sustainable economic landscape for South Africa. Accelerate Cape Town’s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Programme aims to build more sustainable sectors in an effort to encourage greater, socioeconomic transformation. The ESD programme aims to:

  • Identify suitable (risk averse) supply chain opportunities for emerging suppliers
  • Find suitable suppliers that could be developed and upscaled into larger businesses
  • Support the in-house SME training programmes of our member companies