Sector Development

Oil rig-001The South African Government, through the DTI, has established the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) programme to attract Foreign Direct Investment and the export of value-added commodities.This was formerly the Industrial Development Zones (IDZ) programme, but after a policy review in 2007, the SEZ programme was introduced. The aim of the SEZ programme is to create a number of sector-specific industrial hubs, where tailored tax and other incentives will be offered, including a possible corporate tax rate of 15% – South Africa’s prevailing corporate tax rate is 28%. At Accelerate Cape Town, our SEZ programme aims to:

  • Showcase and facilitate discussion on the opportunities that result from IDZ or SEZ designation such as the Saldanha IDZ and the possible Green SEZ designation to Atlantis
  • Provide a conduit for business to engage with the relevant government agencies
  • Stimulate discussion on potential additional SEZ designations.