Access to good quality transport systems is a core component of any prosperous, equitable and sustainable society. This includes access into a city by air, as well as the network of transport systems around a city including both public transport and road networks for private use.

Traffic congestion in Cape Town is the highest in South Africa according to TomTom, and with Metrorail’s challenges from cable theft and vandalism, commuters can spend almost double their travel time during peak hours. As part of the Transport program, Accelerate Cape Town has launched a Transport Project Office (TPO), a progressive initiative, which aims to co-ordinate corporate leadership and action in relation to the transport challenges and opportunities in the Cape Town city-region. The aim of the programme and TPO is to:

  • Address traffic congestion and find solutions to the problem in an effort to enhance business productivity
  • Encourage behavioural change amongst commuters
  • Foster a spirit of collaboration amongst corporate Cape Town, encouraging them to consider innovative and alternative transport solutions to ease congestion
  • Forming part of steering committees in projects such as the aerotropolis at Cape Town International Airport and the Air Access project