South Africa fosters a culture of innovation that is key to its future success. ‘Welcome to South African Excellence’ is a first ever publication showcasing the modern,

innovative and globally competitive side of South Africa. The book will focus on innovation and design thinking, and will incorporate compelling South African business stories aligned to the key themes of the book.   Most of all, this book is about optimism and the right mindset that drives this country forward.

The book will showcase 60 companies, from large corporations to small rising stars. Key to the success of this publication is to get a powerful cross-cut that represents the versatility of innovation found here. We want to share the success stories and feature interesting individuals with innovative minds.  Thus, we want to ensure that we have the best companies represented in the book.
Distribution will happen through the participating companies (100-200 books per company), support organizations – Brand South Africa, IDC, TIA, Innovation Hub, Chambers of Commerce, Embassies around the world and through participating international brands supporting South African Innovation – like BMW, IBM, Microsoft etc. The minimum print run will be 10 000 copies.

Chris Whelan, CEO of Accelerate Cape Town has been appointed as the editor-in-chief.  WTF Helsinki will manage and produce the book.  A similar publication was produced by WTF Helsinki about Finland in 2012, when Helsinki was the Design Capital. This project was highly successful and strongly supported by the Finnish Foreign Ministry and business leaders.  The previous book can be found in digital format at

If your business has an innovative story to tell please get in contact with Chris at