This week we had our 2015 AGM with Trevor Ncube and it is fitting that this is my last engagement with Accelerate Cape Town. As you may know, I have accepted a role as CEO of the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency and will be moving to New Zealand. Accelerate Cape Town is in the process of recruiting a new CEO and have a very experienced board giving direction until a new CEO joins the team. Details of my successor will be communicated in due course.

Accelerate Cape Town remains a valuable business leadership organisation especially to challenge the status quo of government’s decisions. This was highlighted by Trevor Ncube, entrepreneur and publisher of South Africa’s Mail & Guardian as he felt that private sector leaders need to speak truth to power despite the risk of losing the next government tender. He was certainly one of the more controversial speakers we have had, so read more.

Over the past few months, Accelerate Cape Town has represented business in a number of discussions such as the visa regulation discussion with Minister Gigaba and Deputy Minister Chohan, ACSA’s workshop on developing an aerotropolis at Cape Town International Airport, and the City’s workshops on Digital Cape Town and Energy Security. We will continue to work with our members to ensure that they are informed and engaged on these topics. We have also hosted various networking sessions which included:

In this newsletter, we interviewed Lizé Lambrechts, CEO of Santam and also highlight Disney’s’ collaboration with a number of animation studios, as well as fintech development in Cape Town. Please also see our new video on our homepage which highlights our focus areas of Talent, Connectedness, Innovation, Distinctiveness and Sustainability as commented by our members.

I will be living in Wellington from September and sincerely hope will remain in regular contact – I welcome LinkedIn connections! I encourage you to leverage the South African diaspora, in whatever way possible. I remain proudly and fervently rooted in Cape Town and wish you all the best!

Nkosi sikelel ‘iAfrica