Accelerate Cape Town is hosting a Thought Leaders Breakfast on 16 Oct on Digital Cape Town: Creating a Smart City with Andre Stelzner, CIO of the City of Cape Town and Intel’s Internet of Things Senior Director, Damien Callaghan.

To get a consolidated business view and to understand what businesses in the Cape Town city region are experiencing with regards to the enablers and inhibitors to maximising digital technologies for investment and growth, please complete our quick Digital Cape Town Survey. The survey looks at the following  questions:

  1. What digital or technological issues are inhibiting your business’ growth?
  2. Is your business experiencing an IT or digital skills shortage? If so, in what area/s?
  3. What does Cape Town or South Africa need to do to be more attractive to digital/technology investors?
  4. What digital initiatives can be put in place to attract investors in general?
  5. In your opinion, what regulations should be put in place or amended to support technology development?
  6. Are there any global Smart City initiatives that you are aware of that you would like to see implemented in Cape Town?

Your input is greatly appreciated.