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Business unity is critical, especially in the context of South Africa, where our young democracy is being tested in an unprecedented manner. Now, more than ever before, the role of business leadership organisations is critical, as we need to drive unity in a way that allows us to start addressing some of the challenges our society is facing.

As a business community, we share similar challenges and the best way to tackle these is through a unified approach – leveraging the collective voice of business is key for the transformation our country so desperately needs. Accelerate Cape Town provides business leaders with a platform to come together, share ideas and chart a way forward, as well as find opportunities to collaborate and co-create, generating greater economies of scale.

Our aim is to mobilise the collective responsibility of corporate business, government and academia to build an inclusive and increasingly prosperous society.


Having the right skills and experience enables city regions to thrive. Especially in a knowledge economy, where highly skilled people are valuable assets. Accelerate Cape Town works to ensure that Cape Town continues to attract and retain the best skills for key sectors of our regional economy. We work with our members to support talent retention and ensure that we create a vibrant business networking environment for young professionals working in the city, and new professionals who have relocated to Cape Town.

We engage with educational institutions in the region, as well as with government to represent the views of business to define future work requirements of young and skilled professionals. We support local government and business programmes to establish more apprenticeships and internships, and foster collaboration between business, government and educational institutions.

By attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals, we build the intellectual capital to help build the regional economy.


A city’s prosperity in a global economy is dependent on how accessible it is, both by physical connections of flights, road and rail, and virtual connections through high-speed, accessible broadband. With traffic congestion being an issue in Cape Town, we foster discussions with all the key role players across Cape Town’s public transport system and support measures to increase efficient and safe public transport. We represent business in proposing new solutions to government, and encourage behavioural change of corporate business such as using carpooling apps.

Accelerate Cape Town works closely with the City of Cape Town on their Smart City initiatives and supports the rollout of the high-speed, accessible broadband to connect citizens and remain an attractive business destination. We also support regional government’s drive to increase direct flights to strategic African and global destinations.

Cities thrive when people can connect, live productively and conduct business efficiently within a regional and global context.


Sustainable Development requires a fine balance between the socio-economic and environmental needs of communities, as well as growth aspirations of business. Inequality is a pressing concern globally and in South Africa, and given our current trajectory, it is likely to worsen rather than improve.

Accelerate Cape Town believes that the solution lies in shared value, which involves creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges.

Our goal is to advance a sustained, economically viable region that supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals initiative.


Innovation is of critical importance to a city’s economic growth and prosperity. Not only does it act as a catalyst for job creation, but it generates fresh ideas and fosters new skills required for the global digital economy.

Cape Town is a key innovation hub in South Africa, and Accelerate Cape Town aims to showcase innovation from the region, strengthen collaboration between business and our four universities, as well as support the sustainability of start-ups.

Our aim is to co-create a shared vision with our stakeholders that enhances the innovative power of the city and in doing so, ensure our sustained competitiveness.



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