Inspiration Session: Zipho Sikhakhane International Speaker, Writer, Strategist & Investor

At our final Inspiration Session for 2017, we heard from Zipho Sikhakhane, international speaker, writer and business advisor. The session was hosted by Allan Gray and Zipho shared some very interesting insights with us about her journey to becoming a successful businesswoman:

VUCA: brought on by politics, economics, society and the environment, we are living in uncertain times and the realities we face are very different to anything most of us have faced before. Zipho described our world as a “VUCA world”, an acronym which stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. With change being the only constant, we need to develop the ability to see through this kind of chaos and have a clear vision so that we may successfully navigate our paths and thrive during times of uncertainty.

“Know Thy Self”: this has been a significant theme for Zipho. Knowing yourself is the starting point and a very important part of self-directed leadership. Gaining insight and obtaining feedback, is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself as it unlocks self-reflection and growth.

Stop conformity, show your best self: we have been conforming too much, for too long. Zipho encouraged us to stop following the herd and become comfortable with standing out – we need to reach a point where we are comfortable to bring our real selves to the world. Use what makes you different as a source of strength, not something to make you feel inadequate.

Focus on your strengths: Zipho reminded us about how, at times, we tend to focus more on our weaknesses than our strengths. While we should not forget about our weaknesses, we are far better off doing what we do well, so spend your time wisely and work on polishing your strengths.

Connections with others: when we master the art of relating and creating healthy relationships, the world around us becomes somewhat easier to cope with. Zipho believes that good interpersonal relationships play a critical role in work success and career progression. Connection with others, allows us to build an army of individuals that we can rely on during challenging times.

Take a moment to pause: finding a way to simply pause is a vital part of holistic self-improvement, and Zipho refers to this as her reset button. Balance is fundamental to success and we should invest time in re-fueling our energy centres to ensure that we remain connected with who we really are.

The evening ended with a lively Q&A and young professionals were inspired by Zipho’s insights. We are looking forward to our next Inspiration Session in the first quarter 2018 – please continue to visit our website for further details around our guest speaker.

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