CEO Update

As we rapidly approach year-end, I want to extend my warmest wishes to our community. We’ve been through another challenging year but can hopefully now pause for a time of reflection, gratitude, and positive anticipation of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Amid an increasingly chaotic geopolitical space, and with national elections on the horizon, we expect political ‘noise’ and economic uncertainty to amplify considerably over coming months. These challenges underscore the importance of collective action and strategic collaboration, making stronger business unity ever more critical.

Looking ahead to 2024, let us commit to deepening our partnerships and fostering an environment of mutual support. Individually we may not achieve much under such challenging conditions, but together, we have the power to drive meaningful change, not only for our businesses but for the greater Cape Town community.

Over the past weeks, we’ve had the privilege of engaging with thought leaders and experts in critical areas that shape Cape Town’s economic landscape. Dr Shirley Zinn’s insights on talent retention; collaborative solutions for our energy challenges with Alwie Lester, Special Advisor on Energy for the Western Cape Government; and strategies for job creation through collaboration and leveraging the Western Cape Government’s Growth for Jobs Strategy are some examples of recent networking sessions that have proven invaluable, laying the groundwork for next year’s program. Explore the wealth of insights in our articles or, for a captivating visual experience, click here to embark on a journey through this year’s engaging content.

These discussions fuel our commitment to driving positive change in our city’s economic landscape and we remain dedicated to implementing actionable strategies that will lead to sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited about the potential it holds for us to further amplify our impact. We have been developing some great initiatives, and with your unwavering support, we believe that our community could collectively catalyse positive change that resonates throughout our region.

In closing, I would like to extend my warmest wishes for a holiday season filled with moments of joy and serenity, spent alongside cherished family and friends. May this time also offer you the space for introspection, allowing you to connect with what truly matters.

Thank you for your continued dedication and partnership. Here’s to a remarkable year ahead!

Warm regards,


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